OEM vs Aftermarket:

The easiest way to tell the difference between an aftermarket or OEM screen is the presence of third party stamps or stickers. If there are third party stamps or stickers, this will identify the screen as aftermarket. For a more detailed comparision between OEM and Aftermarket screens, click here.


Please use your own shipping method. Send all packages to:

2614 W. Central Ave.

ATTN: LCD Buyback

Toledo, OH 43606

Make sure to include your packing slip in your package.

How to package your LCD’s:

To ensure that your LCD’s arrive safely to our warehouse follow these guidelines to ensure safe delivery:

Do not bend the flex cable
If sending multiple screens make sure they are facing back to back and the flex cables are facing the same direction
It is important to make sure the screens do not move inside of your package. Secure and protect them using bubble wrap. If you do not have bubble wrap, use a rubber band to secure the multiple screens together.
Your package needs to be packed tightly and assure that there is no room for the screens to move around. Please note: we are not responsible for improperly secured packages.

Click here to view our step-by-step guide to properly package your order.


By filling out the order form, you are locking in your rate. Screen markets are always changing and so are our prices. This ensures you receive a fair market price on every screen, guaranteeing you the most money possible by offering you the most up to date pricing. By sending us your order form you are guaranteeing your price on that order. LCD’s must be shipped within 7 days or the submission will be canceled.

Testing Times:

Most screens will take 2-5 business days to fully complete the testing process. Some fluctuation may occur due to the number of screens sent to us.

Getting Paid:

As soon as your LCD’s complete the testing process. Payment will be sent to you via store credit within 24 hours.


iNerdz Parts has the rights to change any of the policies at any given time.