Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics

General Questions

Q What are your hours of operation?
Q What is your phone number?
Q When a product is out of stock, when will it be back in stock?

My Account

Q How do I create an account?
Q How do I edit my information?
Q I forgot my login credentials, how do I reset my password?
Q How do I manage my newsletter subscriptions?

Order Status

Q Has my order shipped?
Q How can I track my order?
Q Can I pick up my order from your warehouse?
Q How can I edit my order after it is placed?
Q Why was my order cancelled?
Q Why has my order not arrived?
Q The products I received isn't what I ordered...?

Payments & Pricing

Q Do I have to pay sales tax?
Q What types of payment are accepted?
Q Where can I find a receipt or invoice for my order?
Q Is my payment information secure?

Returns/Refunds & Warranty

Q How do I return a product?
Q What does RMA stand for?
Q How do I receive a refund?
Q What is your return policy?
Q Who pays for return shipping?
Q What is your warranty for defective products?
Q Where should I ship my defective products?
Q How can I track the status of my RMA?

Reward Points

Q What are rewards points?
Q How are reward points calculated?
Q When do my reward points expire?


Q What shipping carriers do you use?
Q What are your shipping cut off times?
Q How do I qualify for free shipping?
Q How long will my order take to be delivered?

LCD Buyback

Q What is LCD Buyback?
Q How long does it take to get paid?
Q What do you do with the screens you don't accept?
Q What are you LCD Buyback payouts?
Q How can I tell if a broken screen is fully functional?