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Ultrasonic Cleaner (Green)

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General Information:

Ultrasonic Cleaners are used to agitate corrosion on logic boards that have been damaged by liquid. You can either fill the ultrasonic cleaner basin with distilled water and a few pumps of clear, non-fragrent hand soap, or, straight isopropyl alcohol. It's usually cheaper to use the distilled water method as the basin needs to be drained once the cleaning agent has been soiled. The advatage of using isopropyl alcohol is that it dries faster than water. 

TIP: Use distilled water and hand soap in the basin; remove the logic board after cleaning; let the logic board bathe in a shallow tub of alcohol; remove and let dry. The separate tub of alcohol will not get soiled as fast as the ultrasonic cleaner solution and will push all water off the board, helping it dry faster.

Product Includes:

  • Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Power Supply

  • Lid

  • 30W Setting

  • 50W Setting

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